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My name is Lloyd. I'm a digital designer and conceptual artist.


I grew up doodling and playing computer games, watching films I was probably too young to watch and was always interested in science and nature. Making the choice to work as a digital designer was, generally, an easy choice to make. Having said that, my parents had hoped I would realise my potential and enslave the human race as some kind of mad overlord but, they're proud none-the-less.


I studied Graphic Design, Film Theory and basic Programming in college and, after graduating, spent the following years learning programs like Photoshop and Illustrator whilst practicing traditional drawing skills nearly every evening.


In 2010, I left my day job at a data clearing office to focus on my art. Since then, I've worked with numerous clients on a variety of freelance projects, worked for three and a half years with the social gaming company Game Odyssey, and spent some time as a games artist for Unit 9 in London.


I Joined Gamesys as a UI designer for their social apps in 2015 and switched teams to become a Games Artist in 2017.

Hello and welcome to my website.

Original Photograph - Taken somewhere in Barcelona

Edited Matte Painting

What Has Klank Found 2010-Angel-Rework-5 SphereInTheClearing WoundedWeb Looking-For-Something-b Happy-Retirement,-Frank On-In-Five,-Irene Downtown-Oniopolis-Market 2010-Angel-Rework-5 025 The Rise Of The Octopus Man 030 The Humanity Paradigm Spacehead-Joe